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“Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.”

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Our Purpose

Our purpose is to teach the Word of God to believer's so that they might be built up in the faith and equipped for the work of the ministry.



Service Times
  • Sunday:
    • Bible Studies 9:00 a.m.
      • -- Various class rooms
    • Worship Service 10:00 a.m.
      • -- Sanctuary
    • One Way Youth 6:00 p.m.
      • --One Way Youth Room
  • Wednesday:
    • Prayer Meeting: 6:00 p.m.
      • -- Sanctuary

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The name of this church shall be Faith Evangelical Bible Church.



The purpose of this church shall be:


  • To worship, praise and give thanks to the Triune God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. (Hebrews 13:15 )
  • To teach the Word of God to believers so that they might be built up in the faith and equipped for the work of the ministry. (Ephesians 4:11-16 ; 6:11-20)
  • To spread the gospel by personal witnessing of individual believers, through our worship services, and support of missionaries of like faith. (Matthew 28:19-20 ; Romans 10:14-15 ; 1 Peter 3:15 )
  • To meet for prayer and the administration of the ordinances of baptism and the Lord's Supper. (Acts 2:42 )
  • To provide fellowship and to minister to the needs of the brethren. (1 John 1:3 ; 2 Corinthians 8:4-7)
  • To assist in the rearing and education of children through the operation of a Christian School that is centered in God's Word and focused on the Lord Jesus Christ.


Principles of Government

Section 1. The Head of the Church


The Head of the Church is the Lord Jesus Christ. He rules in the affairs of His Church by His Word and by the Holy Spirit. It is thus the duty of those who oversee the congregation to seek His mind in all things.


Section 2. The Rule of Faith and Practice


Scripture is the final authority in matters of faith and practice. This church recognizes that it cannot bind the consciences of individuals in areas in which the Scripture does not speak, but that each believer is to be led by the Lord to whom alone he is ultimately responsible. For the preservation of the peace and unity of the Church, officers and teachers shall agree to support the Statement of Faith which we believe to be an accurate summary of what the Scriptures teach. Members of the congregation shall refrain from imposing doctrines that are not in accord with the Statement of Faith, which would tend to disturb the peace and unity of the Church.


Section 3. Form of Government


This Church is and shall remain independent and self-governing, though it shall be free to fellowship with other churches of like doctrinal persuasion, and to cooperate in joint efforts with other believers who demonstrate the oneness of the Body of Christ.


This church shall be governed by a duly elected Board of Elders. The Board of Elders may delegate responsibilities to other boards, committees, staff personnel, or church workers as required for the efficient functioning of the Church. A Board of Deacons elected by the church membership will serve to assist the Elders in caring for the physical and material needs of the church. (1 Peter 5:1-5 ; Acts 6:1-3 )


Each officer of the church shall accept and support the Bylaws and Statement of Faith of the church and shall be willing to discharge all duties of the office. This requirement applies specifically to each Elder and Deacon, to the Pastor and Assistant Pastor, and to members of the Missions Committee, members of the School Board and officers of the Women of Faith.  It applies also to any individual to whom the Elders assign a similar level of authority.


Section 4. Membership


Membership is for those committed to the ministry of this church and who are willing to demonstrate that commitment through regular attendance, the exercise of their spiritual gifts, prayer, and financial support of the ministry.


Anyone desiring membership in this local church shall be interviewed by the Elders. All prospective members must profess a personal faith in Jesus Christ as Savior. Each must live consistently with that profession, must express his intention to abide by the By-Laws of this church, and must believe that Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God; that His death on the cross was a substitutionary sacrifice for our sins apart from which all men would be eternally condemned; that He bodily arose from the dead and that salvation is a gift of God by grace and is received by means of personal faith in Christ.


Christians of any age may become members of FEBC, as long as they meet the requirements of this section.  However, only those members who are eighteen years of age and older may vote in church business meetings, and will be counted as members for the purpose of establishing a quorum.


Once each year prior to the annual business meeting, the Elders will review the membership roll and remove the names of inactive members. The elders will determine when a member has become inactive based on Paragraph 1 of this section.  Those being considered for removal, who are in the geographic area normally served by the church, will be contacted and given an opportunity to express their commitment to the church and desire to remain on the rolls.


Section 5.  Accountability


Individuals shall receive prior approval of the Elders on any matter affecting the entire church.


Section 1. Annual Meetings.


The membership of this church shall hold an annual business meeting, the date and time determined by the Board of Elders. Notice of the date, time, and place of meeting shall be announced during the morning service on the two Sundays preceding the meeting. The annual election of church officers and the presentation for approval of the annual church budget shall take place during this meeting, as well as any other pertinent business previously announced.


Section 2. Special Meetings


A special meeting of the congregation may be called at anytime by the Elders or by a petition of ten percent (10%) of the active membership. Announcement of the call of such a special meeting shall be made during the morning and evening services on the two Sundays preceding the meeting, specifying date, time, and place of the meeting. Meetings called by petition of the membership must be held within five weeks of the presentation of the petition to the Elders. In the event that a special meeting is called for the election of church officers, announcement will be made on three successive Sundays and the membership will be invited to submit the names of nominees. Matters not specified in the call of a special meeting may not be considered at that meeting. All Business meetings will be held at the church building unless circumstances will not permit doing so.


Section 3. Quorum


A quorum shall consist of one third (1/3) of the active membership. In the event that a quorum is not present for a meeting, another meeting shall be called.


Section 4. Officials and Rules


The moderator of the meeting shall be appointed by the Board of Elders. Accurate minutes of the meeting shall be taken by a designee of the Board of Elders. Minutes of the meeting shall be made available to any member upon request and shall be available for public reading at the next church business meeting.


The methods of voting shall be decided by the Board of Elders unless specified herein. There shall be no absentee or proxy ballots.

The Board of Elders

Section 1. Duties and Authorities


The spiritual leadership and administrative responsibility of this Church shall be vested in the Board of Elders, who shall have authority in all matters except those reserved to the membership. God raises up Elders in the midst of the church and it is the responsibility of the congregation to recognize men who are qualified and ministering to the people. The church shall be governed by a plurality of Elders.


The Board of Elders shall be the executive board of the congregation in it's dealing with the Pastor, Church Staff, Membership, School Board, and other organizations of the church. The Elders, serving as trustees, shall have supervision over all church operations and transactions with power to act, except that it shall not encumber the church with loan, transfer, sale or purchase of any real estate except by authorization conveyed through a majority vote of the church membership present at a meeting called in accordance with these Bylaws. The board shall handle and consider suggestions, recommendations, and grievances from or upon the part of any member or organization affiliated with the church.


The Board of Elders shall have authority to remove any officer, church staff worker, school worker, or appointed committee member when, by a seventy five percent (75%) vote of the Board, such action shall be deemed in the best interest of the church. Should a complaint be received against any member of the Board, that member shall not vote on any motion for removal or discipline and only voting members shall be considered in computing the seventy five percent (75%) vote requirement.


No member of the Board of Elders shall vote on matters before the Board which involve responsibilities or remuneration for any church staff position he may hold, benevolence to himself or his immediate family, or the purchase of materials or services by which he would derive financial benefit.


Section 2. Qualifications


The Biblical qualifications for the office of Elder are set forth in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 and Titus 1:5-9 . According to these passages, Elders must be men whose lives exemplify the Gospel, who have shown themselves to be spiritual leaders in the church, who are knowledgeable in the Scriptures, able to instruct and guide younger Christians, and who set an example as the spiritual leaders in their homes.


Section 3. Selection


At least one month prior to the annual church business meeting or a special meeting called for the election of Elders, the members shall be asked to submit the names of men whom they consider to be ministering to the congregation. Nominees must be members of the church for at least three months prior to the date of the election. Nominations will be made in writing to the existing Board of Elders at least two Sundays prior to the election.


The Elders shall prayerfully examine the nominees to determine if they are in agreement with the Bylaws and Statement of Faith, are willing to serve, and are presently ministering to the congregation. The Board may also examine the nominees in any other matters considered pertinent. Those nominees which have been approved shall be presented to the members of the church at least seven days prior to the annual business meeting or special election.


The election of Elders shall be by secret ballot. Seventy-five percent (75%) plurality is required for approval. The term of office for an Elder shall be two years and will expire at the annual business meeting in the second year of term. An Elder may succeed himself and shall be considered automatically re-nominated. He must receive the same seventy-five percent (75%) approval as new nominees.


The Pastor shall be a member of the Board of Elders without requirement for separate election to the Board. He shall serve as an ex-officio (non-voting) member of the Board for three months after his arrival as Pastor and, thereafter, shall have full and equal membership on the Board. The Pastor shall continue to function as an Elder without the requirement for re-election as long as he serves as Pastor of the church except as designated in Article VII. Section 3.


All other staff personnel of the church shall be eligible to stand for church offices, including Elder, on the same basis as other church members.


Section 4. Meetings


The Board of Elders shall meet regularly once a month at such time and place as it may select. Special meetings of the Board may be called by the Chairman and must be called upon the request of two or more Board members. A quorum for the transaction of Board business at any meeting shall be a majority of it's membership. The Chairman of the Board of Elders shall be notified in advance by any member who will be unable to attend a meeting of the Board.


The Chairman of the Board of Elders shall be selected from the voting membership of the Board.


Section 1. Duties and Authority


Deacons shall have the duty of assisting the Elders in the performance of their responsibilities in such areas as the Board of Elders may direct. They shall have only such authority as the Elders give them for any Specific duty.


Section 2. Qualifications


Candidates For the office of Deacon must be men who meet the qualifications laid down in 1 Timothy 3 and Acts 6 which view them as living as becomes the Gospel, being of good reputation within the community and setting an example of spiritual leadership in their families.


Section 3. Selection


At least one month prior to the annual business meeting or special meeting called For the election of Deacons, the Elders shall invite the membership to submit names of nominees in writing to the Elders. With the solicitation of nominations, it would be appropriate for the Pastor to remind the membership of the responsibility they have to select Deacons on the basis of the Biblical qualifications. No nominations shall be received less than two weeks prior to the election. The Elders shall ascertain whether the nominees are willing to serve as Deacons, abide by the Bylaws and are in agreement with the Statement of Faith. The list of nominees shall be announced to the congregation at least seven (7) days prior to the meeting at which the election is held.


Prior to the election, the members shall have the privilege of examining the nominees. At the annual business meeting the members shall vote to determine whether seventy-five percent (75%) of the members acknowledge the nominees as men who meet the qualifications laid down for the Deacons.


The term of office shall be two years. Deacons may succeed themselves and shall be considered automatically re-nominated. They must receive the same seventy-five percent (75%) approval as new members.


Section 4. Meetings


The Board of Deacons shall meet regularly once a month at such time and place as it may select. Special meetings may be called by the Chairman when appropriate. A quorum for the transaction of Board business shall be a majority of its membership. The Chairman of the Board of Deacons shall be notified in advance by any member who will be unable to attend a meeting of the Board.


The Chairman of the Board of Deacons shall be selected from the membership of the Board. The term of office shall be one year and the selection will be made at the first regularly scheduled meeting following the annual church business meeting. The Chairman may succeed himself.

The Pastor

Section 1. Qualifications of Pastor


The Pastor shall be a man who possesses the gifts and experience sufficient to enable him to teach and preach the Word of God, to lead the congregation in it's search for God's will, and to perform the necessary administrative functions incumbent upon this position.  His daily life shall be consistent with the Christian life as set forth in Scripture. He shall be a testimony to the love and grace or God and be an example of spiritual leadership in his home (1 Timothy 3:1-7 ; 1 Peter 5:1-4 ; Hebrews 13:17 ; Titus 1:5-9 ).


Section 2. Selection of Pastor


When a vacancy in the office of Pastor has been announced, a nominating committee shall be constituted of two Elders, chosen by the board of Elders, and three members selected by the membership of the church. The committee shall contact and interview prospective candidates for the position. Upon the approval by the committee of a prospective candidate, he shall be recommended to the Board of Elders at which time a report of the extent of the committees research and the reasons for their selection shall be presented.  Any dissenting opinion should be explained in full to the Board.


The Board of Elders shall interview the candidate and upon seventy-five percent (75%) Favorable vote, the candidate shall be asked to preach before the congregation at a regular Sunday morning worship service (plus any other services for which he may schedule). If the candidate accepts this invitation, the congregation shall be notified of the scheduled date of his appearance in candidacy and a special business meeting shall be called in accordance with Article IV for the purpose of voting on the pastoral candidate. Ample opportunity for the congregation to meet and interview the candidate shall be scheduled.


A period of at least one week must elapse between the appearance of the candidate and the taking of a vote. Committee files on the candidate under consideration will be open to any member of the congregation interested in seeing them. A quorum must be present at the time of voting and a ninety percent (9O%) plurality is required for approval of the candidate. Opportunity shall be given at this meeting for members to speak in favor or in opposition to the candidacy of the man under Consideration.


The vote for the approval of a candidate for Pastor shall be by secret ballot. The ballots shall be counted at the time of the meeting and the results announced at that time.


Section 3. Termination of Pastor


Notice of resignation shall be delivered in writing to the Board of Elders at least one month in advance of the effective termination date of the Pastor.


In the event that the relationship between the Pastor and the congregation deteriorates to the point of being detrimental to the welfare of the church, the relationship of the Pastor to the church shall be terminated. Recommendation of such termination can be activated by a seventy-five percent (75%) vote of the Board of Elders, excluding the Pastor, or by written petition signed by fifteen percent (15%) of the church membership. When such termination is recommended to the membership, a secret ballot shall be taken at a duly called business meeting (Article IV). A majority of votes cast shall be necessary for dismissal. The effective termination date shall be at the discretion of the Board of Elders, but must be within two months after the vote for termination.


The Pastor shall cease to be a voting member of the Board of Elders effective immediately upon a vote for termination by the membership of the church.

Assistant Pastor

Section 1. Duties and Authority


The needs of the church may require the establishment of the position of assistant pastor to augment the ministry of the Pastor. The assistant pastor shall have such duties and responsibilities as directed by the Pastor with the approval of the Elders. In the event of the absence or incapacity of the Pastor, the assistant pastor shall assume the functions of the pastor on an interim basis. The assistant pastor may be appointed or elected to other church or school positions not relating to the office of assistant pastor on the same basis as other eligible persons. The assistant pastor shall not automatically become a member of the Board of Elders.


Section 2. Qualifications


The assistant pastor shall be a man whose life exemplifies the Gospel, is knowledgeable in the Scriptures and is able to instruct and guide younger Christians. He must set an example as the spiritual leader in his home.


Section 3. Selection


The selection process for the assistant pastor shall be the same as for the Pastor except that the requirement for a formal nominating committee may be waived at the discretion of Board of Elders and the congregational vote shall require a seventy-five percent (75%) plurality for approval of the candidate.


Should a vacancy occur in the office of assistant pastor, the decision to seek candidates for the office shall be at the discretion of the Board of Elders, based upon the current needs of the church.


Section 1. The Purpose of Discipline


Discipline is necessary in order to maintain a pure church and a Godly testimony (l Cor. 5:6-13). Discipline may be necessary in either matters of doctrine or in matters of practice. The purpose of discipline shall be to restore an erring member, and shall be carried out in all meekness and humility and love (Gal. 6:1-2 ). If an erring member refuses to accept lesser discipline, he or she may be excluded from the fellowship of the church.


Section 2. Procedure


Normally, investigation of any matter which would seem to require discipline shall be initiated by the Board of Elders. If any person has knowledge of a matter which, in his opinion, requires discipline, it is appropriate for him to communicate that knowledge to the Board. To give such information to other persons is gossip, and shall be a matter of discipline.


When one member of the church considers himself wronged by another member, it is well that he should remember the statement of Proverbs 10:12 and 1 Peter 4:8 that "love covers a multitude of sins", and if the offense is relatively minor, that he should bear with his brother's faults in the spirit of 1 Corinthians 13 , realizing that he himself has doubtlessly offended others on various occasions. However, if the wrong seems too great to be ignored, he should go to that person privately and seek reconciliation and restoration of fellowship. If the offender refuses reconciliation at this point, then he shall take "one or two others with him" (Matthew 18:15-17 ). If he still refuses to be reconciled, the matter shall be brought to the Board of Elders. They shall inquire as to whether the above steps have been exhausted. Only then shall they, in love and with much prayer, consider the issue.


Inasmuch as some sins (for example, drunkenness, shameful behavior, dishonest practices, etc.) are more general in character, they do not necessarily involve reconciliation between two church members. In such cases, the Board of Elders shall conduct an investigation.

  • Any person who has first hand knowledge of the matter and is willing to testify shall submit his testimony in writing to the Board of Elders and shall sign it.
  • The Board shall summon the accused to appear before them. The accused may, for adequate reason, be granted another time to appear before the Board provided he requests it.
  • Failure of the party to appear before the Board, except for extenuating circumstances, at the specified time shall be construed as an admission of guilt.
  • After thorough investigation, the Board shall either declare the party innocent or shall, by at least 3/4 majority, declare him guilty.
  • If an erring person refuses to accept lesser discipline he may be excluded from the membership and fellowship of the church.
  • The intent of the Board ought not to be just to expose the erring person but to restore him in a spirit of meekness to full fellowship and membership.


Section 3. Discipline of the Pastor


If it appears that the Pastor merits discipline, the Board of Elders shall initiate and carry out the investigation and administer any discipline which is considered appropriate. Any thing serious enough to warrant termination shall be handled according to Article VII Section 3.


Section 4. Discipline of Officers


Discipline of church officers and staff should be carried out in accordance with Article V Section 2. The membership may, however, use it's right of petition to call a special meeting (Article IV Section 2) for the evaluation of the performance of any elected or appointed official of the church. A vote of confidence may be requested and should fewer than one half (1/2) of the voting members present express support of the official, his office shall be automatically declared vacant. The vote will be taken by secret ballot. The person under consideration may not vote nor any members of his or her immediate family.


Section 1. Policy


It is expected that full or partial support of missionaries will be undertaken in an expanding fashion as the church grows. No missionary or missionary organization, however, will be supported unless the missionary and/or organization is in accord with the doctrinal position of the church. It shall be the responsibility of the Board of Elders to determine that doctrinal compatibility exists prior to offering access to the church pulpit to mission candidates or missionaries, on deputation.


The missionaries to be considered for support shall be examined by the Elders and presented to the church fellowship during a regular worship service. A two-thirds (2/3) plurality of the members voting at a duly called business meeting is required for the commitment of financial support to any missionary or mission organization.


Section 2. Missions Committee


A Missions Committee may be appointed by the Board of Elders to assist in obtaining background information concerning missions organizations, their fields and outreach methods, and doctrinal distinctives. The committee will also endeavor to ensure effective liaison and communication with supported missionaries, prospective missions candidates, and mission organizations. The committee will inform the membership of the needs and ministries or the church's missionaries and assist in coordination of missions conferences.

A report shall be prepared for presentation to the membership at the annual business meeting outlining the status and activities of the church's missionaries.


Section 3. Termination of Support


In the event that a supported missionary leaves the mission field or a mission candidate ceases deputation in order to pursue other vocations, support shall cease upon confirmation by the Elders or Missions Committee. Should a report of misconduct or doctrinal deviation be received concerning a missionary or mission organization supported by the church, the allegation shall be investigated by the Elders. The Missions Committee may assist in the investigation and make recommendations to the Elders concerning the advisability of continuation of support. The findings shall be presented to the membership at a duly called business meeting and a vote of confidence taken. Support shall be terminated by a majority vote of the members.

Financial Policy

Section 1. Financial Policy


It shall be the policy or this church not to solicit pledges nor to pass an offering plate except as deemed appropriate and voted upon by the Elders. The Board of Elders shall be responsible for the policy governing the collecting, holding, disbursing, and accounting of all funds subject to the restrictions explained below. These tasks may be delegated to the Deacons and/or School Board, who shall periodically report to the Elders.


Section 2. Budget


It shall be the responsibility of the Board Of Elders (except as delegated to the Deacons) to propose an annual budget to the membership for discussion, modification, and approval. The Elders and Deacons shall have the authority to allow expenditures to exceed the approved budget by no more than 10%. These increases in the budget may be applied to individual line items as deemed necessary. Items not included in the budget may be approved by the Board of Elders provided that such additional items do not cause the total expenditures to exceed the budget by more than 10%. Total expenditures shall in no case exceed the budget in excess of 10% without the approval of the membership.


Section 3. Borrowing Money


It has been the policy of this church not to incur indebtedness. In the event that it becomes necessary, the Board of Elders, when authorized by the membership, shall have the authority to borrow money in the name of the church. In no case shall the amount borrowed exceed the assets of the church.


Section 4. Pastor's Salary


The Pastor's compensation shall be reviewed annually by the Board of Elders prior to the annual business meeting. In the event of termination of the Pastor by the church, the Pastor shall be entitled to one months salary.


Section 5. Dissolution of the Church


In the event of dissolution of this church, all assets shall be distributed for one or more tax exempt purposes within the meaning of the Interal Revenue Code.  Such a distribution shall be to an organization or organizations,  which is in agreement with the Statement of Faith and shall be at the discretion of the Board of Elders ruling at the time.


These Bylaws may be amended at a duly called business meeting provided that the proposed change(s), time and place of meeting have been announced from the pulpit on a Sunday at least seven days prior to the scheduled meeting. A two thirds (2/3) plurality shall be required for approval of all amendments.

School Board

Section 1. Duties and Authorities


The Christian School provided under Bylaw II, Section 6, shall be named "Gramcercy Christian School" and shall be govened by a School Board as defined herein.  the Christian School shall be wholly an entity of Faith Evangelical Bible Chruch and shall be subject to the authority of the Board of Elders.  the school shall not hold title to assets in its own name.


Authority for the Christian School is vested in a School Board of 7-12 members. This Board shall exercise supervision over the development and operation of the Christian School, and consistant with the Statement of Faith and shall comply with all local, state, and federal regulations.


The Board, in consultation with the Headmaster and Staff, shall establish procedures and policies for the operation of the School, and shall be responsible for the employment, promotion, and dismissal of all school staff. The Board will also prepare an annual budget and submit it to the Board of Elders for approval. The Elders will announce the budget to the congregation and recommend the specific support level at which the church will assist the school. The congregation must approve all budgeted church money which will be given to the school. The provisions of these bylaws prohibiting capital expenditures or indebtedness without congregational approval shall apply to the School Board.


The Board shall choose from it's membership each year, a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, and a Secretary to the Board.


Section 2. Qualifications


Board members shall be selected from among the Church fellowship, the Christian School parents or others with a vested interest in the ministry of Gramercy Christian School.  Prospective Board members shall be spiritually mature men and women who are committed to a Bible believing church and to the principles of Christian education.  No more than two members of the Board at any given time may be other than those who are committed to this church fellowship.


All school aged children of Board members should be enrolled in Gramercy unless special learning needs have been diagnosed that the school is unable to meet.


Board members should evidence a commitment to Christian education and demonstrate a conviction that Gramercy is of God.


Section 3. Selection


Members of the School Board shall be appointed by the Board of Elders. The Elders shall seek from the Congregation recommendations of individuals to fill all vacancies on the School Board. Terms shall be for three years. Members may serve two successive terms but must be off the Board one year after two successive terms and must stand for reappointment for the second term.  The Board of Elders may, under extraordinary circumstances, extend the term of a School Board member or waive the one year off requrement.


The Pastor shall be an ex-officio member of the School Board. In case of a tie vote, the Board of Elders shall act to resolve it.


Section 4. Meetings


The School Board shall meet once each month, unless postponed by the previous action of the Board. The time and place of the regular meeting of the School Board shall be announced in the Church calendar. A special meeting may be called by the Chairman of the Board, or by any two members of the membership. The Chairman shall be notified in advance by any member who is unable to attend a meeting.

Women of Faith

Section 1. Duties and Authority


The women of Faith Evangelical Bible Church, to be known as Women of Faith, shall be organized to minister to the needs of the church and shall be under the authority of the Board of Elders.


The Women of Faith shall oversee Bible studies and monthly meetings to encourage each woman to know Christ personally and to grow in Him through prayer, Bible stidy, fellowship, and service.  The Women of Faith shall provide an atmosphere of God's love where the Spirit is able to move and touch lives of women of all ages, while remaining consistant with the Principles of Government set forth in Bylaw III.


The Women of Faith shall be reponsible for church potlucks adn other special functions, the Martha Meals Ministrhy, and church decorations.  They shall assist the Deacon Board with landscaping and the church picnic, as needed.


Section 2. Officers


The Women of Faith shall choose from its fellowship for offices: A President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer to serve for two year terms on a staggered basis. n addition to the officers, the Women of Faith Board shall include the immediate past-President, the current Nursery Coordinator, and up to four membrs-at-large, each serving for a two year term.  The wives of the Pasters will serve as advisors to the Board and may attend Board meetings at their discretion.

Legal Status

The Church is organized as a nonprofit corporation under the Nonprofit Corporation Act of the state of North Carolina.  Unless otherwise determined by the church, the directors of the corporation shall be the duly elected Elders.

No part of the funds of the church shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributed to, its members, officers, or other private persons, except that reasonable compensation may be paid for services rendered the furtherance of the purpose of the church, as stated in these Bylaws. The church shall not carry on any activities not permitted by any organization exempt from Federal income tax under the Internal Revenue code.

Christian Education

Section 1. Committee

The church shall establish and maintain a Christian Education Committee (CEC) which shall be responsible for the general oversight and coordination of the educational work of the church. Its duties shall include: recruiting and screening personnel, reviewing and selecting curriculum, ordering needed materials, conducting teacher and staff training as needed, and supervising the Child Protection Program. Its area of supervision shall include: Sunday School, Children’s Church, Vacation Bible School, Library, and any other program or ministry the Board of Elders should choose to place under the CEC’s supervision. The CEC shall be responsible to the Board of Elders. The chairman and members of the CEC shall be appointed by the Board of Elders.

Selection 2. Teacher Qualification

All people who are in a teaching position, with the exception of those employed by Gramercy Christian School, must be members in good standing of Faith evangelical Bible Church.

All people who are in a teaching position for children or youth must comply with the Child Protection Policy.

Section 3. Child Protection Policy

The purposes of the Faith Evangelical Bible Church Child Protection Program are to protect children from sexual abuse and to protect those who minister to children from false allegations of abuse.

The following must be adhered to:

People who will work with children or youth must be screened to insure that they do not pose a significant risk.

Annual training is mandatory.

Workers should limit physical contact with children to what is reasonable and necessary for a given situation.

Activities involving children shall be done in an open area as much as possible, where others can easily observe them. Where possible more than one adult shall be present for activities involving children. Two adults must always be present in situation where only one child is involved, such as counseling or providing transportation, unless prior permission from a parent or guardian is obtained.

Parental permission shall be obtained for a child to attend a church or school activity which takes place away from the church/school campus or during other than regular hours or for a worker to spend unsupervised time with a child.

Supervisors shall periodically inspect areas where children and adults are together, as well as areas, such as bathrooms and closets, where sexual abuse might occur.


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